Other peoples money

What makes the procurement profession so great is getting to spend other people’s money?  Of course, that is what many outside the field think.  If you want to succeed in this career, it is critical to understand the value creation part of purchasing.

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Career Success: 5 Keys to Build Your Future

Despite the multitude of self-help books, there is no “secret formula” to success. The real core of career success is every day commitment, a willingness to learn, and the ability to analyze daily interactions objectively. It’s a matter of practical experience, judgment, foresight and luck to build your future. Step-by-step, move forward “If you are…

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Enhancing Your Procurement Skills With Big Data Thinking

Standing out as a preeminent procurement candidate requires multiple and sustained displays of abstract yet effective thinking. Given procurement’s deep roots within an organization, interviewers will search for candidates that not only demonstrate a solid understanding of basic procurement fundamentals, but also a strong ability to think “beyond the horizon”. The term comes from the…

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Procurement Job Listing at Great Value

Since many purchasing and procurement managers are responsible for hiring in the industry, Lily thought it was a good idea to make job listing fees as value driven as possible. According to a December 2009 LinkedIn article entitled “Cost Per Resume Lower with LinkedIn Job Posts“, the average rates are as follows:

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Three Ways to Achieve Career Success in A Male Dominated Field

Career success in a male dominated field is an uphill battle that women have been struggling with for years. Whether it be engineers, CEOs, or even sports, men have a steady upper hand in regards to numbers. Because of this statistic, it is difficult for women to achieve genuine career success in male dominated fields.…

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